10 Tips For Staying Motivated With Your Workout Plan

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily walk — and are you making up excuses to skip the gym on the way home?

Even the most dedicated exercisers occasionally get bored with their routine. Waning motivation, cutting short and not having your old enthusiasm are signs of a stale exercise regimen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-energize your routine.


The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has worked out the following 10 tips for staying motivated to stay active.

Vary your routine or change your scenery!

A new variation on your favorite activity — cardio kickboxing instead of Step aerobics; power yoga instead of working on machines — may be enough to reinvigorate a stale routine. If you’ve always exercised indoors, move your workout outside for a welcome change of scenery.

Try something entirely new!

Make it something you never dreamed you’d do. If you’ve always stuck to solitary pursuits, sign up for a team sport. Or tackle something you’ve shied away from… maybe even rock climbing!

Find a workout buddy!

Exercise companions add a social element to any routine. Ask a friend to be your workout partner

Spring-Clean Your Exercise Routine

Spring-Clean Your Exercise Routine
Mixing up your workouts can mean more weight loss and fewer injuries. Here’s how to do it.

If you’ve stayed dedicated to your New Year’s exercise resolution this long, congrats! But it could be time for a change. Varying the type of exercise you do keeps your body sharp; it can reduce your injury risk, boost weight loss and improve your overall fitness more effectively than sticking to the same old thing. When you do the same workout again and again, your body naturally becomes more efficient. And whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat, efficiency is not your friend. Think about it this way: An efficient car burns less gas and a more efficient exerciser burns fewer calories. Not the goal, huh?

Here are five ways to hit refresh when it comes to your workouts.

If you like: Pilates
Try: Barre

Barre classes have been sweeping the nation for a few years now, promising—and delivering—uber-targeted sculpting to some of the body’s hardest-to-hit areas (their specialty is the backside). Like Pilates, Barre is all about very controlled movements—tiny, precise, ballet-inspired moves done over and over until your muscles shake. The newest iterations

Fitness Trackers: Stay Informed, Stay Well?

Fitness Trackers: Stay Informed, Stay Well?
These days, with smartphones and other mobile technology providing internet access everywhere, the power of information is in our hands — literally.

But how can having more data at your disposal help you stay healthy?

The answer comes in the form of fitness tracking devices — yep, Walgreens sells those — which let you take the power of being informed to your everyday activity. Simply wearing a device on your wrist (or belt, wherever you choose) helps shed some light on your steps per day or the effectiveness of your exercise routine. There are a ton of useful ways to monitor day-to-day health with wearable technology, whether it’s:

  • Steps/distance. This stat can help you focus on the little things to stay as active as possible during your day (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator).
  • Speed. Are you a runner? Track your pace and distance over time with a built-in pedometer.
  • Calories burned. Seeing an estimate of your daily calorie intake vs. calories burned can help you reach your ideal body weight.
  • Sleep. Sleep-hour monitoring to track sleep patterns, plus a gentle “alarm clock” wristband trackers offer, can help you stay well-rested.
  • Heart

Quick-Start Guide to the Gym

Quick-Start Guide to the Gym

Here’s all you need to know to work out like a pro

You signed by the “X,” smiled for your ID card picture and bought a lock for your locker.

Now what? That very question may contribute to why as many as 67 percent of gym members never go. “I see so many new members wander in—and then back out just as quickly, because they felt totally out of place in their new surroundings,” says Jessica Smith, certified fitness pro and co-author of The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan. “Gyms can be intimidating.”

It’s easy to feel like everyone around you is super fit and judging your lack of gym savvy. While we can promise you that they’re not—they’re far more concerned with their own workouts, after all—having a game plan to take with you can help to boost your gym-going confidence. Whether you joined a trendy fit factory with the latest and greatest equipment or a bare-bones but basics-covered place, becoming a gym member puts a wealth of get-fit resources at your fingertips—if you know what to do with them. Our guide will help you navigate the typical health clubs offerings and show you

Exercise Tracker: Track Your Calories Burned!

Exercise Tracker: Track Your Calories Burned!
Whether you measure your workout in steps, miles or minutes, an exercise tracker holds a yardstick up to your accomplishments.

Our exercise tracker lets you record your workouts to help you reach your get-healthy goals. Kick it up a notch by noting intensity, time and type of the exercise you do.

Hone your workouts by using additional features of the exercise tracker. Map your activity route by selecting “Map it,” or make special notes about your workout in the Notes feature to see how you’re coping with any symptoms, treatments or side effects, like sore muscles or fatigue. You can even add photos of your fitness success!

Tracking your workouts helps you:

  • Stay on top of your exercise goals
  • See how you’re improving over time
  • Learn which side-effects you get from exercise—and what treatments work best for your body

As an added incentive, by using Balance Rewards for healthy choices you’ll earn points (20 Balance® Rewards points per daily weigh-in*) towards Walgreens savings in store and online!

Whether your goal is to run a marathon or go on a daily walk, an exercise tracker will help you cross the finish

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